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Kalyna has been helping Ukrainians party in Western Canada for 28 years. Over those years, Kalyna has mastered the art of "Polkology" (the study of helping people polka faster and better). Kalyna's unique combination of youth and experience presents an energy and musical style that is unique and entertaining. The music drifts from traditional to contemporary settling in the middle for the most part. Kalyna prides themselves as being one of the hardest working bands in Canada, they play long and hard to ensure that people are having a good time. This is also represented in their long list of albums, the members of Kalyna provide all of the instrumentation and vocals on their albums.

Kalyna / n. (pl. same)/ pr. ka-li-na/ 1. the red acid berry produced by some plants (as Vaccinium oxycoccos and V. macrocarpon) of the heath family 2. Ukrainian band from Winnipeg, Canada [English=Cranberry].